Nā Hua'ōlelo Hou – 20050917

Aloha mai kākou! I kēia lā, e ho'opa'a ana au i kēia mau hua'ōlelo hou.

perfect, faultless, flawless - hemolele
garden - māla
tree - kumulā'au
plant - mea kanu
to plant, bury - kanu
taro - kalo
leader - alaka'i
song - (ke) mele
his song (sung, composed by him) - kāna mele
his song (in his honor) - kona mele
spirit, soul - 'uhane
dirty - lepo
thirsty - make wai
not thirsty, quenched - kena
to drink until satisfied - inu ā kena
open, unfolded (flower) - mohala
wilted (flower) - mae
enough - lawa
As soon as the work is finished, we'll leave. - I lawa nō ā pau ka hana, ho'i kāua.
open - hāmama
The door is open. - Hāmama ka puka.
to cry loudly - uē hāmama
closed - pa'a
fixed salary - uku pa'a
pay, payment - uku
I'll pay., My treat. - Na'u e uku.
your pay (paid to you) - kou uku
your pay (paid to someone else) - kāu uku
permanent residence - noho pa'a
stuck in the mud - pa'a i ka 'ūkele

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DKMaialetti said...

Aloha 'Analu,

You are way more advanced than I am. I am a VERY BASIC student. I can pick out words here and there in a sentence. I know the usual greeting - Aloha - and a few other words. However, I have no knowledge of sentence structure or syntax.
I have a Hawaiian dictionary. I want to get a newer one, the one I have is by Lorrin Andrews. I also have Hawaiian Language CD's. There is a website that is pretty helpful:

If you check Barnes and Noble
you should be able to find some Hawaiian Language and Hawaiian Grammer books.

Another thing you may want to try that may help is listening to Hawaiian musci. You can run an Internet search on Hawaiian Music and come up with several sites where you can listen to clips of music ans well as ording some. I happen to like a Hawaiian artist named Keali'i Reichel:

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole is anothe popular Hawaiian artist.

Here is an address for a Hawaiian radio station that you can listen to while on the internet:

Don't give up trying to learn the language. You do not need to be Hawaiian to learn the language or to love and respect the culture.
Just take your time. One good thing about teaching yourself is that you can learn at your own pace.

Aloha ke Akua